I'm sorry, love, but I don't really care
I am all kinds of ridiculous.

FANGIRL. I have a tendency to slash.

Supernatural, Buffy, Teen Wolf, Star Trek, Hannibal, Elementary, Arrow, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, Merlin, Avengers, and much, much more.



This is how you make the meaning,
            you take two things and try to define the space between them. (x)

"Maybe I needed a change. I don’t really know. I guess… I kind of felt  d r a w n  here.”


Clint Barton doesn’t show up 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Clint Barton shows up an hour late with cheap pizza, a broken nose, and a stray dog.

First & Last.



they look like a couple who just had a fight and have nothing more to say to each other

that was basically the plot of this episode

why do nerds even fucking care so much about new thor and cap. thor odinson and steve rogers aren’t even fucking “going away” they’re just gonna be in a different comic



because babies dont have object permanence


WHAT IS HE?!?!?!

Sleeping is nice because youre not actually dead and youre not awake so its a win-win situation


That SMILE though


LOL I love when Stiles is a smartass

t h e m e